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A positive life

Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on inside your head. — Lisa Nichols

If only we were more aware of the truth of these statements. Unfortunately, we are usually so busy multi-tasking (a supposed “skill” that rarely, if ever, leads to satisfaction or fulfillment) that we allow our thoughts to take on the flavor of whatever is going on around us. We tend not to guide our thoughts; they tend to guide us instead. We see or hear something and we immediately begin to create our own story of what it all means, or might mean, rarely realizing that this is what’s going on inside our head. Yet, these stories, which often tend toward the negative, grow and become more possible and real until they begin to stir our emotions and cause us to worry and fret.

Though that’s the norm, you and I need not follow that path. The simple awareness of how our minds work and where our thoughts are taking us gives us the power to change the pattern and move in a positive direction…to create a positive life regardless of the happenings around us.

Wishing you grace, peace and simple abundance…and positive thoughts leading to a positive life.

The Creators Code from the Huit Denim Co.

The Creators Code

1, Find your love.

2, Spend your life at it.

3, Trust your instincts.

4, Ignore doubters.

5, Chase the work, not the money. (The money will come.)

6, Use your ideas to push this world forward.

7, Don’t let your ideas down: Execute well.

8, Work with great people. They are not always the easiest.

9, There are no shortcuts. Do the hours.

10, Great coffee helps.


. Our town is making jeans again. Founders: @DavidHieatt &@ClareHieatt Do one thing well.

Wishing you grace, peace and simple abundance…and the courage to live the Creators Code.