Creativity is enhanced by hushing.

The following exercise for generating ideas is from Fearless Creating by Eric Maisel.


You must stop your mind from operating on autoscan. Maintaining an autoscan mind is no way to live and no way to think.

Find a quiet place. If there is no quiet place in your environment, that is your first task, to make a haven in which silence is available. Enter that quiet place affirmatively by whispering, “I am hushing.” Continue saying “hush” or “s-s-s-sh.” Gently hush your thoughts, just as if you were comforting a baby.

Work to grow quiet inside. Thoughts will come, but hush them away. Work to hush your thoughts until you have no thoughts, until you are just empty and breathing. This will take some time. Don’t despair if you can’t do it easily, quickly, or even at all. Just try. Hush and hush again.

When you’re as quiet as you feel you can be, murmur to yourself, “Deeper.” Hush and wait. Feel your breathing deepen, feel yourself descending. You will want to close your eyes. Go silently into the darkness.

You are entrancing yourself. What do you see? Ideas will come to you, melodies, lyrics, images. The very darkness will acquire a tone, the very silence a music.

Something that passes by in that hushed stillness may seem especially important. That is an idea with vivacity. Hush again and hold it. Give it a chance to grow more distinct. Hold it and nurture it until you can capture it. Then write it down, draw it, play it on the piano.

Wishing you grace, peace and simple abundance…and mastery of hushing.

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