Trust Your Intuition?

Follow your instincts. Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Exhortations we’ve all heard…and we’ve all likely implored others to do the same. But how can we be sure? When should we act?

This week I’ve been re-reading sections of Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star. Ms. Beck’s insight into intuition help answer these questions for us are worth passing along so here you go.

“I learned to follow the priorities of…body first, emotions next, intuition last.

“This means that if you’re sensing some urgent message from within, first make sure your body is healthy, fed, and rested. Then check your emotions for unhealed wounds. Physical impairment or emotional shrapnel, when mistaken for psychic knowledge or the word of God, can lead you off your true path in the weirdest way. Many’s the emotionally wounded soul who got swept up in the charisma of some self-declared prophet…When in doubt, act on skepticism. Here are some signs that an inner urge is probably not a true intuitive message.

  1. The thought is accompanied by feelings of fear, anger, or desperation…the impulse itself is peaceful.
  2. You feel the urge to tell other people how they should live their lives…intuitive information about your destiny, about what you should do, comes only to you.
  3. Your body responds to the intuitive message with revulsion or dejection…your body lies closer to intuitive truth than your brain.

When you think you sense your intuition prodding you, use these three guidelines to validate the message. I’ve found them to be quite accurate and helpful since I’ve consciously began to apply them in my own life.

Wishing you grace, peace, and simple abundance…and that you carefully cultivate your intuition.


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