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Use Care in Creating the Pattern of Your Life


“In using your choosing power, be consciously aware that you are creating the pattern of your life. Every time you make a choice, you draw another line on the map of your life. You alone control your personal destiny, you alone are creating your experience. You alone choose what you wish to be and what you become because you have dominion over every experience…it is folly for you to look for something or someone else to blame, for nestled in your heart is the cause of all you are.

“Most people would prefer to believe that Destiny has planted them in a groove that they must follow and can’t avoid. This would eliminate the need for effort or apology. By wrong thinking we can desecrate life… By choosing wrongly, but still by the simple power of our choice, we can ruin ourselves and have a devastating effect on those around us. We make ourselves sick, miserable, and unhappy. We ourselves embrace a life of poverty, decide to entertain grief or hate.

“…deep within us “the divine discontent” is forever urging us to express our unique purpose and that is the reason we are here. There is no other reason for life. We are given this glorious gift of choice that we may demonstrate our awareness of who we truly are and why we are here. Our greatest motivation in life should be to use our free will, or power of choice, for Good.

“We may be perverse, turn away, decide to control our lives by the outer rather than the inner; decide to use our power of choice willfully from the material point of view. But the power of choice doesn’t bring happiness when misused. When we misuse this power, we cut ourself off from our authentic self. This is how we create bondage rather than freedom for ourselves. We let ourselves be influenced by other’s opinions and our failures of the past. Perhaps we are still influenced by experiences that have caused us pain in the past. We weave this whole web as a pattern of our personality and soon our thinking reacts automatically to this dismal design.”

(from You Unlimited by Norman S Lunde)

Choose well. Live your authentic life. Do and be Good for yourself and for others.

Wishing you grace, peace, and simple abundance.