Who IS Ronnie B?

Ronnie B is how I signed my school papers until I was in the 5th grade. Then in high school I became Ron B because I was SO much more grown up and didn’t want a little kid name anymore. That was a LONG time ago.

Several years ago, my daughter found a box that had a bunch of my grade schools papers, drawings and projects in it. She discovered that I had been “Ronnie B” back then and thought that was hilarious. She now addresses envelopes for birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. that she sends me to “Ronnie B.” She must also find it to be somewhat sentimental and endearing because she named her first son Gus Ronnie. I love it!

When I was trying to come up with some highly dignified and impressive name for this blog, I found that most of the ones I liked best were already taken. So…I went with something fun and with real personal meaning. Hence, “Ronnie B’s life tools.”

Who am I really?

I’m a guy who’s been around the block more times than I can count. I’ve fried donuts at a Mr Donut, installed ceramic tile and various floor coverings, worked as a mechanic fixing lawn mowers and farm tractors, was a real estate appraiser and residential loan officer, served as production manager for an electronics manufacturing company, implemented and managed the service quality management function for Citibank’s credit card division, provided training and consulting services to financial institutions across the U.S. and in Australia, and helped  start and grow the two largest prepaid card issuing programs in existence today. And, I wrote a small book titled Service Pure and Simple that was published by ASQ Press many years ago.

Not exactly a linear career path, eh?!! The problem? Well, I like to learn new things and try new things all the time. I read, I study, I explore opportunities. And it’s from these experiences that I’ve become fairly good at finding the best tools and resources on just about any topic and, more specifically, in my specific areas of focus and interest…Life, Leadership, and Purpose.

One of my most important discoveries is that who I am is NOT what I DO. I am a unique person first; my vocation is secondary. I AM one whose life purpose is to boldly live an authentic life of simple abundance, harmony of thought word and deed, and ever-expanding knowledge for the benefit of self and others, all created on a foundation of physical and spiritual well-being. That is who Ronnie B is and continually strives to be.

I plan to share some of the cool things I’ve learned and discovered on my life journey with you. And I hope that…in some small way…what’s posted here will help you live a life of grace, peace and simple abundance.

Ronnie B

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